The Rope Around Lyrics

My brains dead weight
My minds opaque
Its almost 2020 n im frozen in place
They say let it go but I ain’t ready to throw
I got a picture on my mantle wit a white flag anthem
Surrender only to the rhythm n rhyme
Jump across the fire pit while im spitting in time
Its like a four four tick n im taken a toke
Got me hella elevated on the ganj of the smoke
N imma speak a tone that goes n rattles a bone n don’t be all mad when im quaking your home,
Because we just
Having some fun living under the gun Click pull the trigger n reality’s spun
Survive the birth u get the pleasure of presenting a story
As if their ain’t no more room for paper glory
Im timid n living in a shack by a creek n uncle sams coming over to role over it next week
Its just the rope around
Yeah that’s how they say its always going down
I asked Vanessa what I gotta do to impress her
She said
eyes up here
stop staring at my chest uh
I sure do apologize I guess I didn’t recognize the fact that ya cleavage dips down to your thighs
I am a man but im an animal that’s got some urges
Always on the point where I could fall off of the verges,
A thousand virgins to the purest man in the land
Except the fact that he don’t want he will go n date his hand
Ive got a vocal that’ll go the force n choke hold
Wit a grip upon the crown
then the town folk over throws ya
Im Dr frankenrhyme I must have died a hundred times
But someone flicks the switch
Spin the track
N im back alive
So bring it back n ill attack wit a pen
Just a superhuman monster in the dark wit no friends
I gotta
Sneaky suspicion that im on another mission
I just wanted to get Vanessa in the military position
Its just a rope around
Thats how they say its going down
Excuse me miss
I forgot your name
I know we spoke about a week a go u get what im saying
I couldn’t simple skip a moment
Talking to an angel
But you gotta get check my percep
I caught you from the brightest angle
But oh well
Its just the rope around
Yeah that’s how they say its always going down
Lyrics by Mic*P
Music By MDMK
Copyright 2016

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